Looking for the best crane for a specific lifting job?

Schot Verticaal Transport possesses an extensive fleet of cranes which can be used for a variety of purposes. We can also literally and figuratively help you to get the job done if you need equipment like telescopic cranes or mobile tower cranes! Thanks to a lifting capacity between 45 and 750 tonnes, as well as cranes located at various locations throughout the Netherlands, we can always supply the best lifting equipment, no matter where it is needed.

Our fleet of cranes includes:
- Mobile Telescopic Cranes (45 to 750 tonnes)
- Mobile Tower Cranes (38 to 65 metres)
- Box vans and trucks with loader cranes (up to 165 T/m)
- Off Road Cranes
- Crawler Cranes
- Hydraulic Platforms

Our transport units consist of various two- and three-axle trucks with semi-low loaders.

Crane rental specialist Schot Verticaal Transport is part of the Schot Group

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