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Internal engineering & advice department

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The engineering and advice department is specialized in making lifting plans for lifting jobs in the construction-, petrochemical-, offshore industry. In addition they make lifting plans for lifting objects to windmills and for relocating or moving large heavy machines or instruments. Our team of experts will advise you and will supply you with lifting and safety plans.

Lifting & safety plans
A complete safety plan or method statement can be supplied by our advice and engineering department. In any case, this safety plan consists of a description of the lifting work, risk inventory and overview of measures that Schot Verticaal Transport takes to manage the risks.

Licences & Exemptions
If necessary, we advise and assist in obtaining any licences and exemptions. In addition, the advice department helps you with schedules and engineering calculations and ensures that the most suitable crane is used for the project to be carried out. The department is also involved in the development of new parts, innovations or improvements to our cranes.

With our own engineering department we can therefore quickly take action if drawings need to be adjusted or if changes need to be made to the lifting & transport plans.

Quality, Safety & Environment
Our solid company is VVT recognized and has the necessary certificates. We are therefore all the more
more convinced that we, together with you, are able to take your heavy lifting to an even higher level.

• Schot Vertical Transport is certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001 (2015)
• Schot Vertical Transport is certified according to VCA**P
• Schot Vertical Transport is certified according to ISO 45001 (2018)
• Schot Vertical Transport is certified according t0 ISO 14001
• Schot Vertical Transport is certified according t0 CO2 prestatieladder 3.0

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